Kemio Bromine Testing Device


Kemio Disinfection Testing Unit

Kemio™ Disinfection units are designed to support a wide range of industrial application testings needs; including the use of bromine solutions to combat legionella disease. The Kemio™ disinfection testing units can provide accurate and traceable bromine results within 30 seconds to help you optimize your disinfection processes.

The Kemio device is an easy-to-use, portable, electronic meter that accurately measures Bromine solutions between 0.2-10mg/L. The Kemio uses chronoamperometry technology that requires minimal training and no dilutions. The unit displays Bromine results within 30 seconds, decreasing overall testing time significantly. The Kemio is ideal for nearly every application where Bromine is used. Please contact your Enviro Tech representative for pricing and availability (209) 581-9576.

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Kemio™ Disinfection units not only enable testing of bromine but also chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chlorite, and peracetic acid (PAA) all in one device.